The Sierra Club's Long Island Chapter Endorses Councilman Mark Cuthbertson

The Sierra Club’s Long Island Group joins many local organizations and members of organized labor in endorsing Councilman MarkCuthbertson’s re-election to office. 



“As a Town of Huntington Councilman for the past 19 years, I believe my record and accomplishments clearly represent the mission and goals of the Sierra Club and I am deeply honored to have the Long Island Group’s strong support for my re-election bid to the Huntington Town Board,” stated Councilman Mark Cuthbertson. “Throughout my 19-year tenure as a member of the Town Board, I have been a leader of environmental conservation efforts, green technology and open space preservation. I am wholeheartedly grateful for the Sierra Club Long Island's endorsement." 

In the Long Island Group’s September 19th letter, they highlighted Councilman Cuthbertson’s proven track record of environmental issues and their confidence in his ability to deliver on initiatives that will protect Long Island’s fragile environment.

“The Sierra Club’s endorsement means a lot to our members in the Town of Huntington and to the general voting public. In addition to your past strong support for the environment and your proven track record on environmental issues, our endorsement is our confidence in your ability and determination to continue to fight for Long Island’s environmental protections and initiatives,” stated Lauren Spielholz, Political Chair of the Sierra Club Long Island. “The Sierra Club wholeheartedly extends our support for your campaign to help elect you to public office.”

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