Segway Sundays

Segway Sunday- September 8, 2013

My team and I had a great time at the East Northport Festival today. From there we ventured back to Northport Village to visit a neighborhood off Main Street. I am always awed by the bucolic character and charm of the 19th-century architecture that is such a part of this historic harbor community.

As you could imagine, the Stop the LIPA Tax Hike campaign was on everyone’s mind, and rightfully soSept_07-Segway_Sunday_NPT_Village_001.jpg. I ran into a good friend’s father who was visiting his daughter during today’s tour. Despite now living outside the Town, he is well versed in the Town’s legal battle with LIPA and could recall when LILCO opened the Northport Power Plant in 1967– which is still the largest oil-fired electric generating plant on the East Coast. He expressed concern for his daughter and his grandchildren, that they "can't afford to foot LIPA's tax bill."

This concern echoed throughout my conversations with residents and I continue to pledge my full commitment towards bringing this lawsuit to a victorious conclusion.

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As we close in on Primary Day, with the November 5th General Election not far behind, I will be hitting the campaign trail even harder and keeping my sights focused on victory.  If you see me, either in my walking shoes or aboard my Segway, don’t hesitate to flag me down.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I am looking forward to the many experiences and miles ahead in my pursuit to Drive Huntington Forward.


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