Segway Sundays

Segway Sunday- September 22, 2013

My team and I had a great time at Cow Harbor Day in Northport Village today. (Fun fact: Northport Village used to be known as “The Great Cow Harbor,” hence the name of this annual event.) Thousands of residents and their families lined Main Street, cheering on those who were in this year’s parade.

I would have participated in the infamous Cow Harbor 10K race the day before but they have a strict “no Segway” policy.

Seeing the Northport community out in full force this weekend, full of pride for their hometown, only drives me even further to believe that I need to do everything in my power to stop LIPA’s tax assessment challenge. Northport is a great place to live and raise a family, and that should not be threatened by the tax hike that will occur if we have to foot LIPA’s bill.

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After the Cow Harbor festivities, we visited a neighborhood off Wolf Hill Road in Huntington. A lot of people stopped to say hi while walking or driving by. One resident was so excited to see us on her street that she pulled over and took a photo of us to share with her friends and neighbors.  Another resident, Larry, couldn’t help but to ask to take the Segway for spin. Naturally, I obliged and Larry became the second guest pilot of the tour to man the controls.

Thanks for reading my blog and for your support as I continue to push towards the November 5th finish line. Together we will Drive Huntington Forward.




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