Segway Sundays

Segway Sunday- September 15, 2013

With Eli taking the field against his older brother in today’s “Manning Bowl,” my team and I toured the hills of theSegway_Sept_15.2013.jpg Huntington Bay and Halesite communities this afternoon. Many residents who were either home watching the big game or outside enjoying the cooler temps were happy to share their thoughts with me.  The Stop the LIPA Tax Hike challenge campaign continued to resonate with area residents as most if not all inquired as to the status of this looming threat.  This tax challenge has the potential to increase property taxes Town-wide by as much as 15% and a life-altering 60% increase to the residents who reside in the shadows of the LIPA stacks in the Northport-East Northport school district.

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Three hours into the tour, the Segway’s battery succumbed to the extra power it needed to summit the climbs, so I joined my pedal powered pit crew on bicycles.  Have I mentioned that I have the best pit crew a Segwaying Councilman could ask for?  We have all traveled the many miles throughout the Town together from north to south and east to west through some of the most challenging weather Mother Nature could throw at us.  A special thanks to Lorene Eriksen, Jake Turner, John Ramirez, Christine Seong, Lynn Ruvolo and Steve Jimenez for all of the help and support along the way.

With the Segway securely plugged in and recharging, my pit crew and I are preparing for this week’s tour on September 22nd.   If you see us on the road, don’t hesitate to flag us down. Who knows, you just might receive a free Team Cuthbertson baseball hat.

Thanks for reading my blog and for your support as I continue to push towards the November 5th finish line and Drive Huntington Forward.

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