Segway Sundays

Segway Sunday- August 18, 2013



My team and I returned to Huntington and visited a neighborhood off Oakwood Road today—marking my fifth Segway Sunday of the summer.  We have logged a lot of miles on the “Mark-O-Meter” over the past 14 weeks and there were many memorable people, conversations and moments made along the way.  Today’s tour was no exception. I had the privilege to meet and speak with Huntington resident Rob Casale, who became my first guest pilot on the Segway – a true natural.  

It’s hard to believe that in two weeks, our Segway Sunday tour will find us visiting homes over Labor Day weekend. Where did the summer go? So keep your eyes out for Team Cuthbertson on August 25th and on September 1st, as the summer of 2013 comes to a close.

Thanks to Mr. Casale and everyone we have met along the way this summer as my team and I focus on the November finish line and continue to drive Huntington forward.


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