New Fully Accessible Playground at Hobart Beach in Eaton's Neck

There is a new playground at Hobart Beach in Eaton’s Neck, replacing one that was damaged by Super Storm Sandy. The $187,000 playground, funded through the Town’s Parks Improvement Fund, includes several features that were not part of the 20-year-old one it replaced, mostly to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. This playground is fully accessible and inclusive, meaning there are no impediments to entry or use by persons with physical disabilities and that it encourages children to engage with each other through varied types of available activities.

The new playground, which has a maritime motif, includes a handicapped walk around the playset and at-grade ramps to accommodate children who are covered under the ADA. The end of the slides has an engineered rubberized surface at grade in compliance with new regulations. And park benches were added for parents to have a sitting area. The cement walkway curves to create a more pleasing design than more conventional walks that are at 90- degree angles.

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