Lottery Held for Affordable Rental Apartments

The Town of Huntington Community Development Agency conducted the lottery for three affordable rental units at the Creekside by the Harbor development on January 28, setting the order in which the 91 applicants will go through the next step in the qualification process.

Available are one two-bedroom unit and two three-bedroom units in the complex, on Creek Road in Huntington. The rent for the two-bedroom unit will be $1,248 a month; applicants must have a family income of between $29,952 and $54,500 a year. For the three-bedroom units, the rent will be $1,623 a month and the income range is between $38,952 and $63,250.

The names were pulled from a drum in the Town Board room at Town Hall, as some of the applicants listened in the audience and waited for their names to be called. First in the audience among those called were John and Judith DiSarlo, whose card was picked third. They were congratulated and posed for a photograph before the rest of the names were pulled.

The lottery results can be viewed on  the Town’s website.

The next step in the process is a credit check, which will be done by Creekside management. Persons who pass the credit check will have to submit a formal application with required documents to the Community Development Agency. If approved by CDA, the applicant will then be offered a unit. It is expected that the three winners will be able to move in sometime in the early Spring.



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