Huntington Alert and Huntington at Your Service

This winter has been an exercise in dealing with blizzard-like conditions, frigid temperatures, sleet, rain, ice and of course, snow.  With the winter weather, we know how important it is to take extra precautions at this time of year to keep loved ones and property safe and secure.

 code_red_logo.jpgAn important resource with regards to snowstorms, hurricanes or other emergency related events is "Huntington Alert." "Huntington Alert" is the Town of Huntington's notification system for weather and public safety emergencies. It is used when the Town and its agencies need to provide urgent information and instructions.  If you have not signed up, please go to the Town of Huntington website and click on the “Code Red – Huntington Alert” symbol at the bottom of the homepage.  The process only takes a couple of minutes and you can choose to be notified via email, text message, mobile or land line phone service.

"Huntington At Your Service" is a tool which allows you to log a request for service. For example, if you need to report that your street needs additional plowing after it snows, you can use this service to input your name, address and contact info along with the reason for your service request. You are given a service ID # and the information is forwarded to the appropriate representative for action. Please go to the Town of Huntington website and click on the Huntington At Your Service symbol at the bottom of the homepage.

It is my sincere hope that "Huntington Alert" and "Huntington At Your Service" will keep you well informed and allow you the tools and convenience to report an issue quickly and easily from home or on the go in real-time. Stay safe and warm!

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