Supporters and volunteers can help our campaign by asking their friends and family members to vote for our team on November 2nd. Our "Friend 2 Friend" program ask supporters to generate a Personal Letter from you to your contacts to let them know that you will be voting for Mark in the November election and urging them to do the same. We also suggest sending your friends a reminder to vote via email or text three days before election and on election day. 

Click HERE to see a sample Friend to Friend letter that you can copy and personalize


  1. Check your personal phone books, email lists, facebook and twitter accounts, holiday cards list, and other sources such as clubs, organizations, customer lists or even neighbors.
  2. Copy and personalize sample letter.
  3. Email friend to friend letters as soon as possible.
  4. Send out reminder to vote texts or emails 3 days before election and on election day.

    Thank you for your Continued Support! 






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