• Fought for tax breaks for emergency responders. 
  • Created the Firefighter/Emergency Medical Services Incentive Recruitment Enhancement (F.I.R.E.) Association in order to enhance the recruitment of firefighter and emergency medical services volunteers and to promote public awareness of the need for volunteers in our local departments.
  • Required that a portion of fines collected be dedicated to public information outreach and marketing program to attract volunteers for Huntington’s volunteer fire/ems departments and has utilized print, television, a website and direct mail campaigns for this purpose. Local departments have received help with their volunteer recruitment needs in the form of brochures, banners, signs and recruitment materials. 
  • Spearheaded the F.I.R.E. Scholarship Award Program. In order to help recruit, retain and honor first responders for their committed service and dedication to the communities where they volunteer, the Town gave a $500 scholarship to four outstanding responders. The funding for the scholarship is provided through the Firefighter/Emergency Medical Services Incentive Recruitment Enhancement (F.I.R.E.) Program. 
  • Helped establish the Emergency Operations Center (EOC)where communications and operations during severe weather events were headquartered. 
  • Facilitated the donation of pet oxygen masks from the Canine Fence Corporation to all Huntington Fire Departments and annexes.

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