Environment & Open Space


  • Supported major improvements include the installation of five state of the art synthetic multi-purpose recreational fields placed throughout the Town. Two fields at Breezy Park in Cold Spring Hills; one field at Manor Park in Huntington Station and two fields in Veterans Park in East Northport.
  • Supported the funding for the major renovation and inclusion of a second slab of ice at the Dix Hills Ice Rink.
  • Initiated the earmark of $1 million in EOSPA bond money for the promotion and development of renewable energy projects in the Town of Huntington. As part of this effort, Councilman Cuthbertson created the Renewable Energy Task Force to assist in the distribution of this money.
  • Sponsored major revisions to Half Hollow Park in Melville including bocce courts, soccer fields, a golfing putting green and a playground.
  • Supported acquisition of the property formerly known as Meyer’s Farm at the intersection of Round Swamp Road and Old Country Road – to create “Sweet Hollow Park” at the former Meyer’s Farm location.
  • Worked with Suffolk County and the Peconic Land Trust to preserve Richter's Orchard, the 16-acre farm and orchard located in East Northport. In purchasing the development rights, the property will remain a working farm and orchard in perpetuity.
  • Limited use of herbicides/pesticides on town golf courses.
  • Initiated the Huntington Greenway Trails Citizens Advisory Committee to document and map numerous trails within Huntington.  The Committee created a first and soon to be released second edition of the Town of Huntington Trails Guide.  The guides contain descriptions of 41 walking trails, 3 bike trails and a blue trail.
  • With the overwhelming support of the environmental community, he strengthened the landmark Steep Slope Ordinance that prevented the subdivision and development of hills and steeply sloped land, unique to Long Island's north shore.
  • Worked to purchase and preserve the Lewis Oliver Dairy in Northport, which contains a one hundred year plus dairy farm heritage.
  • Worked with Suffolk County to preserve and purchase the 20.7-acre Fuchs Pond Preserve in Northport. This property lies within the West Watershed of Crab Meadow. This acquisition enabled the creation of a nature center that is surrounded by 680 acres of protected open space, encompassing nearly every type of habitat which exists in the Town of Huntington.
  • Worked to purchase and preserve the Carpenter Farm property in Greenlawn.
  • Sponsored legislation to create a Residential Energy Efficiency Retrofit program to make it easier for homeowners to have greener and more energy efficient homes. This lowers energy costs and the Town’s carbon footprint
  • Spearheaded a Building Management System (BMS) for Town of Huntington that will enable Town Hall to meet USGBC LEED Certification.

  • Implemented a new energy retrofit program to replace streetlights town-wide with new more energy efficient models, install solar energy fixtures on Town Hall, a LEED based survey of how Town Hall could be more energy efficient, and creation of a Long Range Energy Efficiency Plan to implement energy efficient and green technologies into Town property, fleets, and electronics over the next ten years.

  • Help to lead the effort to install a Photovoltaic Generating System at Town Hall as part of the Department of Energy‘s “Better Buildings Challenge” to achieve a 20% savings in energy spending by 2020.

  • Co-sponsored legislation to create an energy neutral charging station for five electric cars at Huntington Train Station that uses the solar panels on the roof of the parking garage.

  • Championed to have the Town of Huntington designated as a “Tree City USA” from the Arbor Day Foundation, after a 12-month effort between 2011 to 2012, which was also marked by the start of the Town’s landscaping project at Breezy Park in Huntington Station.

  • TB appropriated $12,000 from the Environmental Open Space and Park Improvement Fund to purchase 60 trees for Heckscher Park, completing the planting of 100 trees in commemoration of the park’s 100th anniversary. The board also approved a $5,000 appropriation from the same fund to create uniform trail signage at Town parks, focusing on the 42 trails identified in the Town Trails Guide.

  • Supported Governor Cuomo’s Long Island Shellfish Restoration Project to help improve Long Island’s Water Quality, part of a $10.4 million investment.

  • Helped appropriate funding necessary for the acquisition of development rights for farmland preservation of 13.69 acres at the Tilden Farm Property in Greenlawn.

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