Town of Huntington, Suffolk County, and North Shore Land Alliance Purchase DeForest Williams Property in Cold Spring Harbor

The Town of Huntington, Suffolk County, and the North Shore Land Alliance finalized their plan to purchase the DeForest Williams property in Cold Spring Harbor on September 23rd, protecting the environmentally-sensitive land from development.

Suffolk County paid half of the $6 million total purchase price for the 27.1-acre parcel of land and the Town of Huntington and North Shore Land Alliance each chipped in 25 percent.

The North Shore Land Alliance is also purchasing an additional four acres of the property to be used for parking and access to the preserve, which is slated to become passive parkland for visitors to enjoy.

“This is a model that should be replicated: different levels of government coming together with the private sector to pool money and make terrific things happen,” said Councilman Mark Cuthbertson, co-sponsor of the Town’s resolution to purchase the property in June.

“Usually, environmental groups support what you do; here, one is actually involved in the purchase,” said Huntington Supervisor Frank P. Petrone, who had approached the Land Alliance about becoming a partner in the effort to match the County’s funding for the purchase. “The North Shore Land Alliance’s contribution helps stretch taxpayer dollars and preserve more land.”


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