Road Improvement and Maintenance

  • Upgraded traffic signals on Larkfield Road, a measure aimed at improving traffic flow on the most heavily traveled road in the Town’s network. The project included installing state-of-the-art, computerized traffic control equipment, wireless connect and emergency vehicle preemption capabilities, energy-efficient LED traffic signal indications and LED pedestrian indications with countdown timers.  
  • Installed the computerized, coordinated signal system at the 11 Town-controlled signals on Larkfield Road, a move aimed at improving traffic safety and reducing congestion and automobile emissions. The system uses detection equipment, including sensors and the cameras at intersections, to help coordinate the timing of the lights.
  • Sponsored the resolution to bond $1.35 million for the reconstruction of Walt Whitman Road 
  • Lobbied New York State for the reconstructed Northern State Parkway Bridge westbound over Route 110. This 56 million dollar project included building two new parkway bridges—one eastbound and one westbound—as well as reconfiguring on-ramps and exits and widening Route 110. 
  • Lobbied New York State for Halesite New York Route 110 Drainage and Roadway Improvements. This $18 million dollar project included road alignment, drainage and installation of roundabouts to ease traffic flow. 
  • Co-sponsored $2.5 million for the renovation of the Mill Dam Causeway in Centerport 
  • Increased funding for paving and purchase of improved road-paving equipment. 
  • Lobbied to have a Larkfield Road Signal Reconstruction and Signal Interconnect project installed, for the purpose of reducing delays and congestion on this important north-south roadway. Thereby improving vehicular and pedestrian safety with the addition of crosswalk countdown timers, while also benefitting the environment using energy efficient LED signal heads and reducing vehicle emissions.