Public Safety


  • Strengthened the Town's pro-active efforts to educate the community on their rights and responsibilities.
  • Supported the accessory apartment law and raising the fines for code violations, including the Housing Enforcement Action Team (H.E.A.T) and Operation HAIL Storm (Huntington Against Illegal Landlords) - a major initiative to combat and crackdown on illegal housing and apartments throughout Huntington.
  • Hosted a Code Enforcement Summit to review and discuss new and updated Code Enforcement initiatives including illegal housing/apartments and quality of life concerns such as litter, debris, abandoned vehicles and graffiti.
  • Increased Fines for having an illegal Accessory Apartments to:

            a)  1000 to 5000 dollars for a first time offence from 500 dollars

            b)  2000 to 10000 dollars for a second offence from 1000 dollars

            c)  15000 dollar maximum of a third offence from 1500 to 4000 dollar maximum

            d)  Doubled minimum permit fees for having unpermitted accessory apartment to $3000

  • Created a zero-tolerance policy to crack down on absentee landlords and those who are repeat offenders for placing apartments into single family homes. 
  • Authorized the investigation of gas stations with convenience stores that illegally sell alcohol.
  • Sponsored legislation to add “feather banners” as part of the Town Code including limiting their use and location, regulated the size of banners and advertisements, and shrunk the size of temporary signs from 90 square feet to 64 square feet
  • Adopted a home rule message asking the state legislature to pass a bill and the governor to approve legislation necessary to allow creation of a local civil administrative enforcement bureau to adjudicate violations of local laws and town code in a more timely fashion.